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Tefal Easy Fry vs Actifry

As health issues rise due to unhealthy habits, especially for the choice of food we consume on a daily basis, there is a growing concern as well about better cooking methods such as using air fryers like Tefal Easy Fry Vs Actifry. These air fryers are not only healthier for those who love fried foods but are also convenient for different cooking methods that we often do at home. If you are interested, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Using Air Fryer
  • What are Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry
  • How are the Design of Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry
  • What to Cook in Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry
  • What are the Features in Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry
  • How are the Timer and Temperature Range in Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry
  • Tefal Easy Fry Vs Actifry

Air Fryers for Healthier Cooking

We love delicious foods, we love making delicious foods as well at home but, not all of them are ideal to be consumed on a daily basis. Just like sugar won’t kill you in moderation but it certainly will for those who consumed too much of it and in a prolonged time we may find our health is deteriorating due to the diet that we have been doing for so long. Our body needs the food to strive, to extract the nutrients and produce energy so it is necessary to also choose it wisely.

Not only the ingredients but also the cooking method in which can turn a healthy food into not so healthy anymore. For example fish is a healthy source of protein and fatty acids which is great for your skin. But, adding batter and deep frying them not only increases the calorie from your meal but also unhealthy fats that are absorbed by the batter and fish meat. Fried foods are popular almost anywhere you go because they are tasty and convenient.

The bad news is that they are high in calories and the more frequent the oil is used, the worse it will impact your health. This is why people are moving to air fryers which are designed to mimic the effect of deep frying but require very little or no oil at all. Air frying as the name suggests is cooking using hot air so there is no need to use oils here to transfer the heat. It is a healthier method to cook your foods such as fried chicken or finger foods.

It is actually very similar to how your convection oven works because to produce the cooking method there is a heating element in the chamber and there is a fan as well to circulate the air inside the air fryer. This way hot air will move across the surface of your food and cook them properly. Since the appliance is small, the heating element and fan are located at the top or the ceiling especially for air fryers that come with a drawer cooking tray.

What we love the most from an air fryer is actually the convenience because you can cook a lot of ingredients here, not only the main course or snacks but also dessert or even warming your left-over pizza. More than a healthier cooking method, many people also love air fryers for their convenience and ease of use because they are very simple and for those who don’t have space for an oven, we can use the appliance for cooking various recipes.

 Tefal Easy FryTefal Actifry
Product Dimensions10.94 x 13.11 x 12.93 inches
19.1 x 11.75 x 15.6 inches
Shipping Weight11 pounds
10.9 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry

Whether you love fried foods or just want to have the convenience, we do think an air fryer is a great addition for many kitchens. If you are here then we assume that you are also looking for a new air fryer that can improve the work around the kitchen. After the rising concern of fried foods and the way we want to reduce the intake, air fryers are getting popular with a wide range of manufacturers, especially the home appliance that carry their own version of air fryer.

Most of them are very similar as well so it is probably best to choose the one that seems to fit best in your kitchen regarding the overall product quality and the features or capacity because not all of us will be cooking the same amount of food. Tefal is one of them if you want to look for an air fryer that is not only reliable but also convenient. This named brand is well-known for their wide range of cooking utensils but they also offer some appliances to improve the workflow in the kitchen including air fryers. 

They carry some of the best air fryers you can get along with other popular options such as Breville Air Fryer Vs Ninja Air Fryer and depending on what type of food or what level of convenience that you want to have, our choice may vary. If you will be making various foods with the air fryers, Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry are two good options to consider. Both of them are very similar but also different and in terms of being an air fry, they will have the same purpose.

However, if you are cooking foods that have sauces or liquid and don’t want the liquid to dry out in the process of cooking, we highly recommend choosing the Actifry for this mode has an additional feature to make sure your food is evenly cooked but still has some liquid in it. On the other hand for users who often make fries, fried chicken, or finger foods you may want to stick with the Easy Fry which is also more common and similar to most air fryers.

Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry Design

Before getting to know these air fryers, let’s see the unit first. In comparison the Actifry is very much different from the typical air fryers because of its shape which is short and very round. It looks like an apple but without the height and also quite lowl in comparison to the Easy Fry. For the sample we have the 2.2L variant while the Easy Fry can easily contain 1.2L of finger foods. The styling of these air fryers are also different.

Actifry is more similar to rice cooker or multi cooker with a top lid to expose the cooking chamber. On the other hand Easy Fry has this standard drawer-like cooking chamber that is exposed as you pull the tray. In addition, the Actifry does have a transparent lid so you can see what’s being cooked inside and while the other is noticeably smaller in comparison, the Easy Fry is suitable for making fries and smaller cuts of foods without taking up as much space.

Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry Menu

Now let’s see what Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry can offer starting from the type of foods you can make in these appliances and we do think this is the most prominent part that sets the two apart. When hearing about air fryers, our mind instantly thinks about the fries, fried chicken, and other finger foods since this is what we commonly make in the appliance. But, what if you can make fried rice and stir fry veggies or meat with an air fryer as well? 

Unlike most air fryers, the design of Actifry is very unique. It is rounded and is donut shaped with a rotating paddle in the middle, almost like a blender or food chopper without the blade. This way the food is continuously stirred while cooking and thus, allowing for liquid to stick at the bottom of the pan instead of being dried in the frying process. This process makes foods that require frequent stirring and moist in general can be cooked in the appliance.

Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry Features

The basic features that you can find on most air fryers can be found on Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry as well. The difference is that the latter is simpler with only the temperature and timer but this should be enough so you can choose the adjustment manually. On the other hand Easy Fry is featured with several presets that you can choose when making the foods such as setting for fries, meat and poultry, fish and sea foods, snacks, and a function for baking.

Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry Timer and Temperature

Lastly we want to talk about the temperature and timer range that you can achieve from the Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry. Both are moderate and you can’t cook at a very high temp but should be ideal for a wide range of cooking as they can reach up to 200 and 190 degree Celsius respectively. As for the timer, the Easy Fry can be set up for 60 minutes but you can achieve a longer cooking time with the Actifry. Our main complaint with Actifry is that it can be quite time consuming to cook with the appliance and since the oil is not dried out, it is a little messier to work with.

Tefal Easy Fry vs Actifry

There are a lot of good air fryers in the market in which two of them are Tefal Easy Fry and Actifry. These air fryers are easy to use but probably for different people. The prominent difference is that Actifry has a moving paddle in the cooking chamber to stir the food which makes it ideal for the type of dishes that are not cooking well in a regular air fryer like stir fry veggies or moist foods.

- 3D Air Pulse Technology: uses hot air circulation to cook crispy and tasty fried food with little to no oil*. Lead a healthier everyday lifestyle without changing your diet!
- Large digital touchscreen: simple and easy to use
- XL 4.2L capacity/up to six servings: ideal for feeding all the family or easy entertaining
- Eight cooking possibilities: fries, cutlet, shrimp, cake, pizza, fish, grill and roast– from homemade sweet potato wedges, chicken nuggets to moist muffins or succulent ribs
- ONLY A TABLESPOON OR LESS OF OIL to Cook all your favorite fried food (up to 2.2 pounds). Automatic rotating - paddle for hassle free cooking
- SIMPLE ON / OFF SWITCH and digital countdown timer with buzzer for easy monitoring
- PTFE AND PFOA FREE removable ceramic coated nonstick pan for easy clean up
- SECURE LID for safe splatter free cooking; Stay Cool exterior; filter for odorless cooking


Depending on which seems to fit in your kitchen or based on what type of dish you often make, our choice may vary. We like the regular air fryer or Easy Fry because it can cook typical fried foods more effectively and crisper or dryer so if you will use the appliance for fried foods, we highly recommend this variant. 


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