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Philips Turbostar VS Rapid Air

You can find lots of good cooking methods based on which seems to work best in your application such as Philips Turbostar Vs Rapid Air. These air fryers are not only easy to use but convenient too, especially if you love to cook fried foods like fries, fried chicken, or even roasting vegetables. These air fryers are very similar however, even though the naming is different so let’s see below about which you may want to go with.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How Air Fryers Work
  • What are Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air
  • How are the Design of Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air
  • What are the Technology in Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air
  • How are the Performance of Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air
  • What else Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air can offer
  • Philips Turbostar Vs Rapid Air

Cooking with Air Fryers

We all love tasty foods and it is great if we can enjoy them at home because it will be more convenient too. However, due to some health concerns we can’t consume certain types of food as often. One of them is fried foods because this type of cooking process is absorbing so much oil and will increase the amount of calories by a lot, depending on what you are cooking. Vegetable oils are also bad when they are heated repetitively which is why many of us are avoiding cooking with this method.

Thankfully, now we have air fryers which are quite modern but not really new either. This is almost like a trend recently with how people are more concerned about their health and starting to reduce the use of deep frying methods, especially with an ongoing concern of excessive weight gain and other lifestyle related issues. This appliance may sound fancy but they are actually very simple and affordable too, depending on the model and capacity; typically you have to spend more when getting something bigger and with more features.

The way air fryer works is almost identical to a convection oven and sometimes you will see the air fryer that looks like a toaster instead such as Ninja Foodi SP101 Vs FT102A. What makes a convection oven different from a regular oven is because there is a fan inside that circulates hot air more effectively and this is why they can cook faster at lower heat. This mechanism is adopted by air fryers because there is a fan inside the appliance to move hot air in the cooking chamber.

What frying the food is this hot air and since the heat needs to be distributed evenly across the surface of ingredients, the fan is required. This cooking method is more like roasting rather than frying as we don’t need to submerge the food to cook them. This is also why there is no need to use cooking oil when cooking with an air fryer. However, the result of for example fries made by deep frying and using an air fryer will be different.

Typically they won’t be as crisp and crunchy on the outside, as well as can’t produce the same brownish color of regular fried foods. This is why some people still want to use cooking oil while cooking with an air fryer. You don’t need to use as much but just spraying it on the surface. Another tip is to flip or rotate the food inside in the middle of the cooking process just like with the oven to make sure every part is cooked properly.

 Philips TurbostarPhilips Rapid Air
Product Dimensions14.37 x 10.47 x 11.29 inches
11.3 x 12.4 x 15.12 inches
Shipping Weight15.08 pounds
15 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air

If you also love fried foods or often consume them at home as well, it is good to have this appliance because we can make the healthier version at home. Besides making them fresh, we can also use frozen foods like chicken katsu or pork chops and heating or cooking them in the air fryer, making the appliance useful for making lots of different menus or dishes. What you may want to know first before buying an air fryer is probably the capacity and the cooking features.

With the popularity of air fryers, now you can find them from almost any kitchen appliance brand with different styling and varying price range. Philips is always one of the best options for home appliances because their quality is proven over time and they carry some of the most popular choices for those who want to cook conveniently but also healthier at home. What’s a bit confusing is they also have so many similar options with identical features but named differently.

Unlike most air fryers, Philips have their own technology such as the Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air. These air fryers are very similar but called differently so it can be confusing sometimes. Philips have plenty of options to choose from based on the capacity and features located in the appliance so we do think it is best to choose based on what you need from the air fryers because chances are most of them will come with the same patented technology.

For example today we are going to use some of their most popular air fryers such as the HD9641 and HD9220. These air fryers are claimed to come with Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air technology respectively so we can see what exactly they can offer compared to many other similar air fryers. In comparison, for these specific models the differences are mostly on the features or cooking mode while the cooking technology itself seems to be identical to each other.

Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air Design

Before getting into what these air fryers can offer, first let’s see how they look and for the specific model we have here, they are also quite different. The HD9641 is coming from the Avance line and this model has 1.8 pounds capacity so they will be ideal for two or three people in the house, the same with HD9220. The shapes are a bit different with Turbostar being square while the Rapid Air is curvy and has this traditional air fryer design.

What you may like better about HD9920 is probably the control panel because this air fryer is not complicated at all with only the timer and temperature setting. From the styling they are using a drawer style cooking tray that you can clean easily. Unlike some brands, Philips don’t include any additional accessories in the box but the appliance and tray itself. They do put a cooking manual and recipe book if you want to try various dishes right away.

Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air Technology

Now for one of the most important parts, let’s talk about the Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air technology. They also have Starfish technology which refers to the tray design of the air fryer and this star-shaped design is also found on both air fryers. This shape allows for the hot air to move or circulate better inside the cooking chamber and this is probably why they are called Rapid Air or Turbostar. Just like most air fryers, there is a heating element at the top and fan above it.

The heating element will increase the temperature inside the cooking chamber while the fan will help it circulating the air across and around the ingredients. Because the bottom of the tray is not flat but with edges, the air will be moving much better inside and this makes the appliance cook better compared to those using traditional flat bottoms.

Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air Performance 

For the performance, the Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air technology should make the cooking process easier or more effective as well as removing the need to flip the food mid-cooking because the hot air can cook the bottom part of the ingredient too. This is not always the case in application because not all ingredients can be effectively cooked without being flipped. Especially for meat that contains lots of liquid, the bottom will stay soft and wet if you don’t flip them.

However, the process of flipping food is not a hassle at all since there is not much we can fit inside. For finger foods like fries or frozen nuggets, we can just shake the basket to flip them. We also recommend flipping the food for a more even cooking and best result with any air fryers.

Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air Features

Lastly on the cooking ability, what set the Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air apart the most specifically for HD9641 and HD9220 is their features. As you can see the Turbostar from Avance line has this digital display and here you can find 4 preset menus for cooking frozen French fries, chicken drumsticks, fish, and chop or cutlets. There is a function to keep your food warm as well while on the other hand there is no preset on the HD9220. It doesn’t mean we can’t cook these ingredients but we just need to adjust the settings manually.

Philips Turbostar vs Rapid Air

The Philips Turbostar and Rapid Air are good options but the technology is the same or referring to the shaped and angled cooking tray bottom which is great to help with air circulation inside the cooking chamber. For these specific models, what sets them apart is the cooking features we mentioned above because the latter is simpler and probably less convenient if you are also often cooking the menu on the presets. However, for the cooking ability both air fryers are the same.

- Unique TurboStar Technology for healthier cooking and frying.
- The air fryer cooks fried food 50% more evenly
- 5 presets for most popular dishes including a keep warm function.
- Quick control dial with digital display
- Adjustable temperature control up to 390 degrees allows you to cook a variety of food
- 30-minute timer with ready signal and auto shut-off
- Dishwasher-safe parts for a quick and easy clean up
- 1.8lb cooking basket capacity


There is no bad option here and the technology is useful but also not magically transforming the cooking method. Personally we will recommend any of the two that fall on your budget or preference such as the Turbostar in Avance line because they come with some cooking presets for convenience.

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