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Omni Plus VS Vortex Plus

There are lots of cooking appliances that can help a lot in your kitchen such as ovens and air fryers. Their functions are pretty much the same because the two are versatile, moreover if you can combine the two in just one appliance such as what the Omni Plus Vs Vortex Plus can offer. These ovens and air fryers are very convenient for anyone who wants to cook with less oils or for almost every cook in general so let’s see below about which will fit your lifestyle better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Decide on an Oven
  • What are Omni Plus and Vortex Plus
  • How are the Design of Omni Plus and Vortex Plus
  • What are the Cooking Modes in Omni Plus and Vortex Plus
  • How are the Timer and Temperature in Omni Plus and Vortex Plus
  • How are the Experience with Omni Plus and Vortex Plus
  • Omni Plus Vs Vortex Plus

Choosing for an Oven

We love eating delicious foods but we also love cooking because this is the process to make those foods and if you have a family or have time to cook at home, it will be more convenient as well to tailor the nutrition for the whole family or making sure that we know what we put in the body. Cooking at home is also more reasonable in larger volume since it is cost effective but the best thing is you can make the food according to your taste.

Oven is a great tool to help a lot at home but depending on what you will want to cook or how the lifestyle is in the house, our choice can vary among one family to another. If you are also currently looking for a new oven, here are some of the features or functions that you may want to have:

  1. A double room in the oven and as the name suggests, is how we can cook two different foods at once but in separate parts inside the oven. This way we can make a roasted turkey in the main cooking room while another smaller one can be used to bake pie or cupcakes and other dishes that can fit inside. Not only ovens, there are also air fryers such as Ninja DZ201 Vs DZ100 coming with this similar function.
  2. Ovens with convection heating can be a great alternative as well and for those who are not familiar yet, this type of heating is making use of a fan to circulate the hot air inside the cooking chamber instead of just radiant heat like in regular ovens. This method is what is used by air fryers in general and they can cook evenly in lower temperature settings.
  3. In many ovens, there is this warming function or also known as Sabbath mode and while the latter sounds like a cult name, it is just a simple hold feature that keeps your food warm for a certain period of time after the cooking time is over. This feature is extremely useful for people whose lifestyle is busy enough to always go home on time and take the food out quickly.
  4. The most important feature in almost any cooking appliance including ovens is their timer. Yes, this is because we never know what will happen later so there is always a chance that we forget to check the food or may end up with burnt pizza just because we forget cooking one earlier. Delayed cooking can be similarly helpful too as it gives you more control over the cooking time.
 Omni PlusVortex Plus
Product Dimensions17.68 x 16.34 x 14.39 inches
13.23 x 13.23 x 14.37 inches
Shipping Weight26.1 pounds
19 pounds
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About Omni Plus and Vortex Plus

Each family is unique and while the type of dishes we eat on the daily can vary widely, an oven will be just as convenient for almost everyone because they can cook varying dishes as well. However, it is important to check what they can offer along with the capacity or what type of resource they are running on to match best with our kitchen. In addition, you can choose by the brand or budget as well because some people do have preference when it comes to their favorite brand.

For those who want an oven that is not only capable but still very compact to sit on top of their kitchen table or top, the Instant Pot has more than plenty to choose from. We are sure most people are familiar with this kitchen appliance already because of how popular they are and while they are more known for the multicooker variant, they do make lots of alternatives or other appliances to help around in the kitchen.

Some of the most popular options for both convenience and capacity are Omni Plus and Vortex Plus toaster ovens which are very similar but also different from each other. From the convenience point of view, you can make lots of different dishes with these ovens because they are acting like regular ovens and you can also find specific cooking methods which are not always present on all typical ovens and in this part the Omni Plus is claimed to be a 11-in-1 appliance while the Vortex Plus is 7-in-1.

Another prominent difference is for the cooking chamber or capacity because Vortex Plus is smaller and while it also takes less space, it means that you can cook less foods too at once compared to the Omni Plus which is 27 quarts in capacity. However, depending on what you will cook often with these ovens, not everyone will be happy with the same option.

Omni Plus and Vortex Plus Design

Before getting into what the Omni Plus and Vortex Plus can offer, let’s take a look into the unit first and they are already quite different here. Not only the size, their design are not the same and as you can see, Vortex Plus is featured with a touch control panel while the Omni Plus is controlled through the buttons and knobs at the same place. It is highly personal but we prefer something with more feedback so we like the control system in Omni Plus.

The Omni Plus cooking chamber is shorter but wider compared to Vortex Plus so you can fit a full-size 12-inch pizza here. We can mount a few trays while cooking but in most cases we can only fit two trays in Omni Plus while for Vortex Plus we may be able to use three trays inside. There is a fan mounted at the top of these cooking chambers to provide the air fryer and convection features so they will operate automatically and turn off shortly after cooking.

Omni Plus and Vortex Plus Cooking Modes

Moving further, let’s see what the Omni Plus and Vortex Plus can offer starting from the most important part for some people which is their cooking mode. We do think it is highly dependent on what type of dishes often enjoyed by the family because Omni Plus clearly have more here with air fry, toast, bake, broil, roast, slow cook, reheat, proof, convection oven, and rotating function for cooking meat or chicken. On the other hand the Vortex Plus comes with air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, dehydrate, and rotating function.

In addition, the Omni Plus also comes with a preset program that you can toggle using the main knob on your left. This preset program is ingredient types which are not present on the Vortex Plus so if you are cooking common ingredients like Fries, Potato, Bread, Bagel, Pizza, Beef, Chicken, etc. the oven is already featured with the proper cooking preset for completing the task.

Omni Plus and Vortex Plus Timer and Temperature

Next we also want to talk about how to adjust the timer and temperature on Omni Plus and Vortex Plus which is necessary to know what we can cook with these ovens yet, do note that each cooking mode may provide a different set of timer and temperature setting that we can adjust. For example the Omni Plus highest heat is 450 degree Fahrenheit while the Vortex Plus is up to 400 degree Fahrenheit maximum. We can use the highest heat for most cooking modes especially with Omni Plus.

Both can heat up to maximum temperature while using an air fryer but other functions like reheat and dehydrate will only allow users to set it up to 175 and 160 degree Fahrenheit for both ovens respectively.

Omni Plus and Vortex Plus Cooking Experience 

Lastly for the cooking experience, Omni Plus and Vortex Plus are almost the same depending on what you will want to use them for. For example we can proof bread with Omni Plus but not with the Vortex Plus. In terms of ease of use, they are identical because the dials and all features are available conveniently. What we like better on Vortex Plus despite the limitations is a taller cooking chamber and the light function because it is more convenient than the light dial on the Omni Plus.

Omni Plus Vs Vortex Plus

Both Omni Plus and Vortex Plus are good ovens or toaster ovens depending on which seems to work better in your kitchen based on the type of dishes we often make. Omni Plus has more cooking modes and presets for the typical ingredients we are often cooking such as meat, chicken, or pizza. It also cooks at a higher temperature and is wider in terms of cooking tray. However, the Vortex Plus has a taller cooking chamber and simpler control.

- With this large capacity oven, you can toast 6 pieces of bread at the same time, bake a 12” pizza, make a cake, or even roast a whole chicken
- Clear the clutter and free up your counter space with this 11-in-1 multi-function toaster oven and air fryer
- 11 smart programs let you cook with the touch of a button: Air fry, dehydrate, toast, roast, bake, broil, slow cook, proof or reheat. Choose convection and rotate for delicious chicken and roasts
- The easy-to-use dials and function buttons let you customize programs to make your food just the way you like it
- Air fryers give you all the flavor of deep-fried cooking, without the oil and mess. Get crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, perfection every time
- Air fryer with 7 built-in smart programs, including: bake, roast, toast, broil, dehydrate and rotisserie
- 1-step EvenCrisp TechnologyTM allows you to achieve a crispy outside and tender inside. Whether you tumble-fry in the rotating basket or roast meat rotisserie style
- Get a deep-fried flavor with little to no oil for healthy and tasty versions of your favorites. Air fry, bake and roast multiple meals at once


There is no bad option between the two so we need to choose based on which works better in your application. Personally we will recommend Omni Plus for its wider cooking tray and more features but if you don’t need the mentioned features above, Vortex Plus is just similarly useful and convenient.


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