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Nuwave Brio vs Ninja Foodi

Cooking oil is not only high in calories but also may cause some health issues if consumed too often. To reduce or limit the use of cooking oil, we can try cooking by roasting or baking the ingredients by utilizing the oven or air fryer such as NuWave Brio Vs Ninja Foodi. Having them in the kitchen is convenient as they are versatile too in application. If you wonder which to choose, let’s see below about what they can offer and which will fit in your kitchen best.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for an Air Fryer
  • What are NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi
  • How are the Design of NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi
  • What Cooking Menu are in NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi
  • How are the Cooking Time and Temperature of NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi
  • How are the Experience with NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi
  • NuWave Brio Vs Ninja Foodi

Air Fryer and Convection Oven

Our technology is making so many different tasks to become simpler including for cooking. We still remember our grandparents cooking rice with an open kitchen, using woods to heat up and steam the rice. It is a nostalgic memory but for us who live in the cities, it is just plain inconvenient to cook in such a method. Regular burner works versatile for almost any type of cooking, but appliances like slow cooker, multi cooker, and air fryer are here to answer the convenient part.

If you are here then it means you are also currently looking to buy a new kitchen appliance and air fryer is on the list. When the appliance first entered the market, many still unsure how air is used to fry or cook something but, it is exactly what our convection has been used for. The Difference is they are coming in a far smaller form compared to how convection ovens are usually used in commercial settings or at least a full-size one that can warm the kitchen when operating.

The name itself is misleading but we understand the hype behind it and why they choose to call it as an air fryer. Air fryers come as a solution when deep fried foods which are almost the favorite of everyone are shown to cause some health issues and the cooking oil itself is naturally high in calories so they are not friendly for health conscious people who are maintaining healthy weight. Air fryer suggests the food is being fried with air and this is hot air.

The word fry itself means the food is cooked with fat or oil so air fryers are not exactly what happens. The way the food is being cooked inside an air fryer is by increasing the temperature of the room from a heat element while the fan is circulating this heat through the whole room or what a convection oven is also doing. For those who already have a working convection oven, there is no need to buy an air fryer itself except for some of its advantages.

The advantages of an air fryer over a regular convection oven is mainly the size, especially those who are living alone or only have small families as a convection oven can be too space consuming. Since the cooking chamber is smaller, it also means an air fryer can heat up pretty quickly. The recipe for convection oven and air fryer are the same so they are about 20 to 25 degree Fahrenheit lower than conventional ovens thus the recipe modification will be the same as well.

 Nuwave Brio Ninja Foodi
Product Dimensions11 x 8 x 13 inches
19.72 x 7.56 x 14.96 inches
Shipping Weight8.01 pounds
15.72 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi

For users who want a convenient option instead of using a convection oven, air fryers are very easy to use and in general they are almost as straightforward as a microwave. You can cook almost anything that is not messy in the cooking chamber and most of them are also easy to clean, depending on what you will be cooking with the appliance. Our favorite part is they are quick to heat up and some models do offer a longer cooking menu like drying too, in case you don’t have a full size oven already.

After the popularity of air fryers, many other brands are starting to join the competition resulting in now plenty of various air fryers from different brands and capacities. NuWave and Ninja are two famous kitchen appliance manufacturers and we are sure many of us have at least one of their products as well. The two are trusted for the quality and just like most companies, you can find plenty of sizing, models, and price range from the two that match with what you want to buy.

If you are a user who are cooking for one or two people at once, the NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi, especially the SP101 will be two ideal options to consider. Both of them are very much different but the same as well and the prominent difference will be their styling. Air fryer is the same as a convection oven so to address the capacity and size, many companies offer convection ovens in a much smaller form but still retain the design of an oven.

In terms of functionalities, these air fryers are the same so you can make the same type of food using any of them. The difference is probably due to the cooking space, you can leave a whole pizza or bake more cookies with Ninja Foodi. It is more of how to arrange the food inside and how many each batch can cook. From the features, the NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi are equally rich and easy to use, leaving the option to your personal taste. Read also: Ninja AF100 Vs AF101.

NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi Design

Many of us are shopping for appliances due to the shape or how they look but it is important to consider the functions as well. As you can see, in comparison the Foodi will consume more space on your table top or counter unlike Brio which is quite small side by side. But, the Foodi has a more robust material, especially those who are not very fond of plastic kitchen appliances as the latter is made of stainless steel. In a glance the Foodi is looking like any microwave but is deeper.

On the back of this appliance there is a plastic panel which can be unfolded to let the oven stand while you wipe or clean the base side. Cleaning this air fryer is easy as well with an accessible bottom panel that you can open to wipe any remains from cooking. In NuWave the basket is removable and there is a space below the basket to catch any remains or liquid like oils when you cook fatty food. While NuWave capacity is 3 quarts, the cooking rack of Foodi is 13 by 13 inches.

NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi Menu

Moving to the most important part, let’s see what NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi can offer. To ease users when cooking with these air fryers or ovens, they are coming with a straightforward control panel and we are sure most will understand what each of them will be used for as each function is labeled clearly as well. Usually a small oven or air fryer will have a built-in menu to save the time adjusting timer and temperature as we can just dial the function to match with the food we are cooking.

Some options with this function are GoWise Air Fryer and Power Air Fryer XL but both of the models today are not. As you can see GoWise does have some menu printed above the control panel just to recommend about the proper heat and cooking time. What you can get is a main cooking type from Ninja Foodi; air fryer, air roast, air broil, bake, toast, bagel, dehydrate and keep warm function.

NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi Time and Temperature

The next part we want to talk about is their timer and temperature as this decides the type of foods we can cook using the air fryer or convection oven. With NuWave, the temperature range is adjustable from 100 degree to 390 degree Fahrenheit in 50 degree increments while the cooking time depends on how high the temperature is since if you are cooking in high heat from 350 to 390 degree the cooking time is maxed at an hour.

But, if you are slow cooking food with lower temperature from 100 to 345 degree Fahrenheit then we can cook for up to 99 hours and 59 minutes. This is the same with Foodi, the lowest temperature is at 105 degree and in dehydrating mode while the highest temperature is 450 degree Fahrenheit when used in air drying mode. As for the timer, the maximum cooking time is 12 hours in dehydrating mode and 2 hours in the air roast, bake, roast, and keep warm mode.

NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi Performance

On the user experience the NuWave Brio and Ninja Foodi are equally easy to use. The difference is you don’t have to choose cooking mode in Brio as the temperature is what decides the timer so we can cook almost anything with them. In addition it is easier to cook things like cookies and baking whole pizza with Foodi as it is wider, perfect for this type of application. For breaded chicken/fish, fries, or nuggets, NuWave tray makes the flipping process more convenient.

Nuwave Brio vs Ninja Foodi

Both of them are good options and equally convenient. Rather than capabilities, they are different on how users will cook using the appliance. Foodi is also able to cook at higher temperature than Brio but Brio can dehydrate food longer or more than 12 hours. For foods that are wide and thin like pizza or cookies, Foodi is the most convenient and ideal as it has a wide tray but for finger foods, Brio is more convenient.

- Air Frying - The Healthier Way: Makes scrumptious fried foods that taste the way they should, without the oily mess
- Even Heat Distribution: Hot air combined with high-speed air circulation cooks your favorite foods evenly and quickly
- Temperature Control: 100F to 390F temperature range in five-degree increments
- Digital “touch-pad” LED controls ensures precise temperature and time
- Reclaim your counter space: takes up 50% less space when you flip it up and away to store against your backsplash.
- Air fry: up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods. Tested against hand-cut, deep-fried French fries.
- Xl capacity: 45% larger usable pan cooking area vs. The flat surface area of the Cuisinart toa-60 and toa-65 pan. Fits a 13" Pizza, up to 9 slices of toast or 6 chicken breasts (6–8 oz. Each).
- Easy cleaning: Includes a removable crumb tray and an easily accessible back panel for deep cleaning.


You have to choose based on what type of food to cook since if baking is one your hobby or you will make pizza and cookies with these air fryers, the Ninja Foodi is the more suitable option. But if the air fryer is only for nuggets, warming a slice of pizza or making fries, the Brio is easier to cook with.

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