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Ninja AF100 vs AF160 

Though not for everyone, most people do love cooking. The feeling of successfully creating something out of your creativity, to be served to the whole family, can’t be beaten by anything. Living in a modern era, we’re approaching a more effective way of cooking. Replacing the traditional fryers that require a lot of oil to cook, now you have the air fryers.

As you may know already, these fryers don’t require a drop of oil. You can cook something to be crispy and dried without even using oil. With the heat flow that works constantly, you can create something good within minutes. This idea is sure loved by many people.

Now that you’re interested in air fryers, which one of them should you pick? We have some recommendations here, the Ninja AF100, and its newer AF160.

Ninja AF100

Many said that this air fryer is appealing. But in what way? One of its appealing characteristics is the weight. Unlike other air fryers, AF 100 is definitely lighter, though it’s included as a heavy duty utensil. With only 13.25 pounds, carrying it or changing its position is very easy. Combine the less-problematic part with the sleekness of the style. Read also: Nuwave Brio vs Ninja Foodi.

Placing it in your kitchen is also easier than others, since its dimension is only 13.6 x 11 x 13.3 inches, which is pretty small. It doesn’t take up a larger area of your kitchen, even making your kitchen better with its expensive looks.

The excellence also shown by its performance. Cooking fries and chicken wings has never been easier before. This machine can give you the crispy irresistible taste. But, in order for your cooking to be better, you need to preheat this air fryer first, as the manual has suggested. It’s supposed to make the heating process better, which can result in better foods.

With a price of a hundred dollars, you can get an air fryer that can work really well. It can be compared face to face, even with the others that are more expensive. Though the frying is its main speciality, it can also do the general works like reheart, roast, or dehydrate.

 Ninja AF100Ninja AF160 
Product Dimensions13 x 11 x 13 inches
14 x 11 x 14.75 inches
Shipping Weight4.9 pounds
11 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Guaranteeing your safety and better output, AF100 uses ceramic frying baskets that also guarantee non-stickiness. While this feature gives the chance for us to cook better, it also makes the cleaning process much easier.

Four programmed presets are here that can give you much more potential than just fry. Overall, AF100 has its smartness in placing features that make it worth to buy.

These four presets added the machine’s versatility in creating good foods. While trying it for the first time, you’ll be surprised at how well the machine works for you. You can always depend on its 1550W Power which can make the cooking process faster and more efficient compared to the older, traditional ovens.

Ninja AF160

AF160 is not just the bigger version of AF100, but also the better one. Not only pumping up the bin capacity, AF160 also has a special selling point shown through the new feature, Max Crisp. What it does is to deliver 240 degree celsius heat to create crispier foods, even for the frozen ones.

You can use its larger basket effortlessly. On the front, there’s a control panel that is filled with buttons for changing presets. Plus, there’s also the additional ones like time buttons, and temperature changer. All info is displayed digitally, not with LED lights.

Extra functionality is also given to the AF160. It has the additional Bake and Dehydrate presets, further increasing its versatility. Roast preset can be used for making desserts or jerky. It’s perfect for making foods that need lower temperature.

Other than that, everything seems to be really similar with AF100. Even some materials were made from ceramics as well, for easier cleaning. Some parts are also dishwasher-free.

This air fryer answers the needs of a speedy cooking process that can’t be done in AF100. With a larger basket, you can maximize its usage. Cooking an extra portion at a time is quicker. It’s also better when you use the Max Crisp function as well.

It doesn’t only work as a temperature boost only. Max Crisp also provides the airflow that can turn frozen foods into crisp within minutes. You can cook frozen nuggets for nine minutes, and frozen potatoes at the same time.

Rehat function can be used easily to warm your foods. 10 minutes of warming takeaway pizza will result in a more crunchy crust without a trace of sogginess. There’s also the Roast mode, creating 170 degree celsius temperature in approximately 25 minutes.

Use it to cook anything under minutes, like egg for example. Cooking meat requires a little bit more time, but since you can open the basket every now and then, you can check whether the meat is really cooked well or not. While cooking it for 30 minutes, you can have crispy chicken meat.

Now with all these benefits at hand, is AF160 the one for you?

Now let’s point some things first. While not being totally affordable, AF160 is a very nice upgrade of AF100. Its humble capacity gives a quicker cooking time for bigger families who really struggle with having smaller capacity fryers. This really answers the capacity issue in previous models, while keeping it updated with new features.

Since it’s powerful, you need a bit of measurement over the cooking time. You don’t want your foods to be overcooked, or even worse, burnt. Always aware of the time used for making something. Follow the manuals if you ever feel confused and lost when using this machine. But overall, AF 160 can be a nice purchase for a healthier lifestyle.

Ninja AF100 vs AF160 

- Brand LYTIO
- Item Dimensions LxWxH 13 x 11 x 13 inches
- Item Weight 4.9 Pounds
- Oil Capacity 3.8 Liters
- Model Name Max XL
- Brand Ninja
- Capacity 5.2 Liters
- Color And a High Gloss Finish


AF100 worlds wonderfully. With its constant performance and richful features, you can’t really miss this affordable air fryer. Cooking something has never been easier before. It’s such a nice affordable package for those of you who want to approach healthier life for the first time.

Now, AF160 is a nice upgrade from the 100. It does have similarities, but it’s considerably newer with bigger capacity and more advanced presets. If the size isn’t your problem, AF160 is a worthy upgrade.

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