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Instant Vortex vs Vortex Plus  

Have you been familiar with air fryers? This modern cooking tool can be used for cooking various kinds of stuff, including meat and vegetables. As the name implies, you can also fry them using air, turning vegetables into crispy snacks. This modern cooking tool doesn’t only have modernity in it, but also the health benefits that are also coming along. But is that actually right?

The air fryer works with a hot air circulation system in the device which can reach 200 degrees Celsius. Frying food in an air fryer only requires a little oil (about 1 tablespoon) or not at all, depending on the type of food and the oil in the food will actually be removed and filtered to the bottom of the container.

Even though they don’t use oil, foods fried in an air fryer have a crunchy texture, a soft inner layer, and a color similar to foods fried in an oil bath. Conventional frying usually requires about 3 cups or 750 ml of cooking oil, while the air fryer only requires 1 tablespoon or 15 ml of cooking oil (50 times less).

From a study, it is known that potatoes fried in an air fryer have a fat content of 70% lower than potatoes fried in the normal way. Because it is low in fat, foods fried in an air fryer are also low in calories and that’s why cooking with this tool can help you lose weight.

When potatoes or other foods high in carbohydrates are fried, a substance called acrylamide is formed which is suspected of being carcinogenic, which can lead to cancer. A study shows that using an air fryer can reduce acrylamide levels by up to 90%.

If you are a fan of vegetables or a vegetarian, the air fryer can really help you in preparing a varied food menu. Cooking in an air fryer can make carrots, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, and string beans crispy and delicious.

Even though you are not vegetarian, you are still encouraged to regularly eat vegetables. So, if you are bored with those same vegetable menus, just try making a healthy snack by frying vegetables using an air fryer. Mothers who want to teach their children to eat vegetables can also, you know, utilize this way for a smarter and more unique vegetable serving.

Cooking with an air fryer is considered more environmentally friendly because less oil is needed, so it doesn’t produce waste oil like normal frying techniques, and talking about the goods of air fryers, is like a never ending topic.

With all the benefits always mentioned firsthand, no wonder more and more people feel interested in trying to switch their conventional frying method into using air fryers. But the question always remains, which one of them is actually worth buying?

Here we have the two air fryers from Instant. Instant has been known for launching its remarkable fryers like Vorext and Omni. Today, we’re gonna talk about two of the Vortex families, Instant Vortex and Instant Vortex Plus.

Instant Vortex

Instant Vortex arrival was like a good ringing news for everyone. Affordable air fryer. Quickly became a new favorite, Instant Vortex has been known for its quality and enjoyable user experience. Its egg-shaped design looks really cute in your kitchen, while also being useful. Even though it does have an affordable price, they did give seriousness. Read also : NuWave Brio vs Instant Vortex.

What you’ll be greeted with upon using Instant Vortex for the first time is a kicking power. This 4-in-1 air fryer works wonderfully by making your meal, either made at home or bought from stores crispier and crunchier without being tasteless. With power always kicking in, no wonder noises often come out. But it’s not louder than any microwaves out there.

 Instant VortexVortex Plus  
Product Dimensions17 x 15 x 15 inches
17.75 x 15.75 x 15.5 inches
Shipping Weight15.72 pounds
20.6 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Well, what we’d like to see from an air fryer is a large basket. Really large basket. Large basket is pretty useful for cooking larger servings, because usually most air fryers baskets could fill like two chicken breasts only, or even some portion of fries. It’s not good enough actually, and we still see so many brands still doing the same way about their basket. Thankfully, Vortex doubled that. So, now you can fill it up more, and cook more for faster serving for the whole family.

As mentioned before, Vortex didn’t forget about the user-friendliness. Remember the other Instant Pot? Vortex is just like that, with only some downgrades. What’s interesting here is that Vortex has eight buttons, completed with large letters and easy-to-read text in the dial.

Vortex Plus

Vortex Plus carries on the same simplicity and enjoyable user experience  with its simple design, and easy to use operation. But if you think it’s just another same Vortex product, you could be wrong.

Instant has been known for its steady and quality products. One of which is Instant Vortex Plus 7-in-1, arriving at 120 dollars. Yes, another jaw-dropping price. Without even surpassing 150 dollars, you can get yourself a complete package of fryer.

WIth 1,500 watt power, it can do wonder. The seven cooking methods that can be done are bake, roast, air-fry, rotisserie, reheat, broil, and dehydrate. All is operated within a 13 inches square product, a small one of its kind.

Its effectiveness lies in the shape design and wonderful cooking modes that also give an easiness in it. All modes are also adjustable by temperature and time, except one. However, the users can also utilize the feature called Smart Programs which automatically saves your last cooking method along with the applied setting.

For you who want to have a richer air fryer experience Vortex Plus is more than enough. It’s affordable, comes with high quality, and is small enough to be put in the corners of your kitchen.

Instant Vortex vs Vortex Plus

- Healthy: Quick and tasty meals using 95 % less oil and fat than deep frying
- Save space: The vortex air fryer comes with 4 built in smart programs in 1 appliance (air fry, roast, bake and reheat) you can say sayonara to kitchen clutter
- Save time: With little to no preheating time, whip up dinner in half the time of a conventional oven without heating up the whole kitchen
- The perfect crisp: the vortex air fryer circulates super hot air around your food so it cooks evenly and locks in moisture giving your meal a delicious crispy, golden finish, without all the oil and grease
- Air fryers give you all the flavor of deep-fried cooking, without the oil and mess. Get crispy on the outside, tender on the inside perfection Every time
- Air fryer with 7 built-in smart programs, including: bake, roast, toast, broil, dehydrate and rotisserie
- One-step EvenCrisp TechnologyTM allows you to achieve a crispy outside and tender inside. Whether you tumble-fry in the rotating basket or roast meat rotisserie style, deliciousness is guaranteed
- Get deep-fried flavor with little to no oil for healthy and tasty versions of your favorites. Air fry, bake and roast multiple meals at once


We think it’s pretty obvious that Vortex Plus is better than the original Instant Vortex. With the lack of small difference in watts power, Vortex Plus is still capable of bringing additional features, many useful features that you can use everyday including Broil, Dehydrate, Rotisserie, and Rotisserie Rotating Basket. Cherry on the top is seven different programs that are obviously better than the Instant Vortex’s 4.

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