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Emeril Air Fryer vs Ninja

Cooking methods vary greatly but cooking appliances makes it easier to access them anytime you need to make the dish. Baking and roasting are often preferred because we can make plenty of recipes with them and having the ideal appliance such as Emeril Air Fryer Vs Ninja are just convenient. These air fryers are versatile for different recipes and ideal for small families but, let’s see below about what they can offer and which of the two will be your better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for an Air Fryer
  • What are Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer
  • How are the Design of Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer
  • What are the Cooking Menu in Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer
  • How are the Cooking Time & Temperature on Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer
  • How are the Experience with Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer
  • Emeril air fryer Vs Ninja air fryer

Air Fryers

We all love delicious foods but cooking is not always the hobby that you love doing. We agree that cooking is both time consuming and tiring as well, especially if you are cooking for a large family or for many people, but sometimes it can be fun too. While the kitchen burner is versatile enough to make almost any dish we want, adding some appliances will be great because we also have some favorite dishes that require different cooking methods such as baking or roasting.

When talking about baking or roasting, the cooking appliance that comes to our mind is an oven but, now you can opt for a more compact variant of the tool such as a toaster or air fryer. Yes, an air fryer is essentially an oven or convection oven because both are using the same mechanism to heat or cook food. The name can be misleading but the appliances are the same and in some cases can be interchangeable as well, depending what we are cooking. 

Air fryer is often seen as the tiny version of your full-size convection oven and is currently very popular. You may want to have them if foods like nuggets, fried chicken, fries or any food that is coated with panko bread crumbs are among your favorites then this appliance is a great buy. There are several factors to consider however, since not all air fryers are made the same and you may like some of them better or which seems to fit in the family the most.

For air fryers, size is probably the most important because the appliance is usually pretty compact unlike a convection oven which means we have to consider how many servings to cook at once. Typically a 3.7L or 4 quarts option such as Ninja AF100 Vs AF101 will be enough for a small family or for up to 4 servings. If you have more people to feed, any options that can cook for 5.3 to 5.8 quarts should be large enough for cooking in a larger batch.

Another factor to consider is the preset menu on the appliance especially if you often cook a certain menu such as French fries or chicken since usually we can find a built-in menu that will help with the cooking process. This is essentially a preset which means we can only put the ingredients and push the button and leave it to cook. It doesn’t mean we can’t cook those foods in any other air fryers but it is great to have for convenience since if not we have to adjust the timer and temperature manually. 

 Emeril Air Fryer Ninja
Product Dimensions20 x 15 x 11 inches
13.6 x 11 x 13.3 inches
Shipping Weight15 pounds
4.9 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer

Now when you already have an image or what type of air fryer to choose, it is time to see what the market has to offer. There are plenty to choose from based on what you need and most of them are also affordable in a similar price range or have the same features. If you are not sure yet about which to go for or which seem to be the best choice, checking what other users are going for is a great idea because high chances you will like them as well.

Among those brands, you can opt for Emeril and Ninja which both are already very well-known in the market. We are sure you are familiar with these companies as well or have used some of their products in the past, especially Ninja because this brand carries a whole home appliance products in the catalog including an air fryer. They also carry varying options to match with your typical application or capacity and what you will be cooking at home.

For those who are cooking at small batches, with small families or even living alone but prefer to cook more, the Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer are two great options to consider, especially the Lagasse Power Air Fryer and Ninja series AF100 or AF101. The two are called as an air fryer but completely different from each other based on the design. The Lagasse is probably similar to a toaster than an air fryer but the term doesn’t matter since it uses the same mechanism.

The AF100 and AF101 are the same and you should go with any of the two that seems more promising since the difference is only for the additional tray the latter comes with but for the comparison today we are using the later AF101. In terms of capabilities, you can cook plenty of recipes with Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer from finger foods to warming the leftover pizza. The prominent difference is probably about the food arrangement.

Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer Design

Before checking what these air fryers can offer, let’s see the unit first and the possibilities that Emeril will take more space in your kitchen counter is because this appliance is 15 inches deep, 19.3 inches wide and 10.4 inches tall. The front window is opening downward like any other ovens so it is easy to access the baking room. There are claims of 5 heating elements on the inside and the fan itself seems to be placed on the right side of the wall.

On the other hand, the Ninja AF101 or AF100 is looking like any other air fryers in the market which is rounded and oval. The appliance is pretty bulky however, in fact it is taller than Emeril at 13.3 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 13.6 inches deep. The cooking chamber has a drawer-style tray that you can take out fully and wash in the dishwasher. For the AF101, you will get a multi-layer rack and more recipe guide. As or the material it is plastic as opposed to Emeril which is made of stainless.

Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer Menu

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer can offer. As it has been mentioned above some air fryers are coming with some preset or built-in cooking menu and among the two, Emerill do have some of them. In this setting we can find a function to cook bagel, pizza, or rotisserie chicken and we almost forget to mention that you will get a rotisserie attachment or rod with the air fryer so we can start cooking the dish very quickly.

Outside of these menus, we can find common cooking settings on both air fryers and in Emeril we have air fry function, toast function, baking, roasting, broiling, dehydrating, slow cooking, reheating the food, and warming function. On the Ninja, we get more limited options with air frying, reheating, roasting, and dehydrating.

Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer Cooking  Time & Temperature

While Ninja air fryers look less versatile in a glance, it is not the case because essentially all of those cooking settings are tweaking the time and temperature. In this air fryer, the timer and temperature is based on the cooking mode we are choosing so for example you will get a longer cooking time when choosing the Dehydrate function for up to 12 hours. As for cooking temperature you can get the highest 400 degree Fahrenheit with any cooking settings such as Roast or Reheat, except the Dehydrate function.

Similarly, the Emeril Lagasse cooking time and temperature is also decided by the cooking settings and Dehydrate in this air fryer can go for 12 hours as well while other functions are usually lower such as slow cooking that can be adjusted up to 10 hours. But, for the temperature, this air fryer can cook at a higher setting for up to 450 degree Fahrenheit. 

Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer Performance 

Lastly we want to talk about the overall convenience of Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer because the two seem too similar to each other yet different at the same time. The prominent difference is how to place food inside because the tray of Emeril is wider so we can put flat foods like a whole pizza easily. Versatility wise Emeril is more convenient for various types of cooking, not only air frying and we can put more foods as well as cooking larger whole chicken inside, which can be tricky with an air fryer like Ninja AF101.

Emeril Air Fryer vs Ninja

Both Emeril air fryer and Ninja air fryer are easy to use and convenient. You can make lots of dishes with them pretty easily. The differences are Emeril has more preset cooking and cooking options which are not only tweaking with the time and temperature but also heating elements. This air fryer or toaster has a higher cooking temperature as well as a similarly long cooking mode and the wide room makes it ideal for cooking whole chicken like rotisserie.

- Better than ordinary convection ovens - 360° quick cook technology and five super powerful heating elements mean your meals cook evenly on all sides in a whirlwind of super-heated air for crispy, delicious flavors.
- Extra versatile – LCD digital display with 12 cooking functions: air fry, bake, rotisserie, dehydrate, toast, reheat, roast, broil, bagel, pizza, slow cook, and Warm/ reheat.
- Rotisserie stand not included-stainless-steel construction – a sleek, state-of-the art appliance to complement your kitchen and surrounding accessories, This All-in-One air fryer
- Trusted Emeril Lagasse Quality – every multi-purpose hot air fryer we produce is backed by chef-quality design, construction, and support to ensure it lasts through every evening meal, holiday dinner, and quick bite of delicious fries.
- Wide temperature range: 105 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit allows you to gently remove moisture from foods or quickly cook and crisp foods with convection heat
- 4 quart ceramic coated nonstick basket and crisper plate fit 2 pounds of french fries. Cord length (feet) - 2.6
- The unit will need time to preheat before coming up to temperature. We recommend that you preheat the unit for 3 minutes before adding your ingredients to achieve the best results
- Dehydrate: Create flat, chip like dehydrated foods for fun, homemade snacks pounds; The combination of low fan speed and low temperature enables thorough dehydration


You can go amazing with any of them based on which seems to fit in your kitchen or typical menu in the house. Personally we recommend the Emeril air fryer, especially the Lagasse 360 since you can access various types of cooking with this appliance. 


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