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Philips Turbostar VS Rapid Air

You can find lots of good cooking methods based on which seems to work best in your application such as Philips Turbostar Vs Rapid Air. These air fryers are not only easy to use but convenient too, especially if you love to cook fried foods like fries, fried chicken, or even roasting vegetables. These air […]

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Philips Turbostar VS Starfish

Air fryers are not only popular because they are the healthier options for making fries and crispy foods but also because they are convenient for lots of different cooking methods such as making baked goods. Philips as one of the most popular brands offer so many different options to consider such as the Philips Turbostar […]

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Philips Airfryer Avance vs Essential

Air Fryers are a great solution for those who want to eat fried foods but don’t want to consume as much oil for health concerns. The cooking appliance is getting more common because they are everywhere and also convenient that we can make not only fried goods but also many other recipes. The air fryers […]

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Delonghi Multifry Vs Philips Airfryer XXL

Having a bigger air fryer in your kitchen can be so amazing. You can cook so much food at once without bothering the size of your air fryer again. Besides, you will get more efficient time by cooking so much food whether for the main food or the snack. This time, we will take you […]

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Cosori vs Philips Air Fryer 

Fried foods are everyone’s favourite food. Anyone would agree that fried food tastes better than food cooked in other ways. The savoury and crunchy taste presented by fried foods is a sensation in itself that many people are looking for in foods that are cooked by frying. For this reason, the presence of various processed […]