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Ninja Air Fryer Max XL vs Instant Vortex Plus

In the world of cooking, sophisticated technology is always used to facilitate the cooking process. With modern technology, you can cook faster and save more. How can you say it is more efficient? Of course, because a more efficient cooking process will make you more energy efficient. Besides that, you can also use the time […]

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Instant Vortex vs Vortex Plus  

Have you been familiar with air fryers? This modern cooking tool can be used for cooking various kinds of stuff, including meat and vegetables. As the name implies, you can also fry them using air, turning vegetables into crispy snacks. This modern cooking tool doesn’t only have modernity in it, but also the health benefits […]

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NuWave Brio vs Instant Vortex  

As we know, crunchy foods are processed by frying in oil. In fact, too much or often consuming foods fried in oil is also not good for health, which as you may expected, lead to some more serious health problems. But take it easy, now there is a practical solution that can answer our concerns […]

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Instant Vortex Plus vs Instant Vortex Pro

As there were advances in the invention of modern cookware, the manufacturer started to create more efficient and effective cooking tools. After creating a deep fryer, they continue making instant pot electric pressure cookers or so called air fryer ovens. One of the makers for instant pot pressure cookers, Instant, offers two options for it […]

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Power XL Airfryer vs Instant Vortex 

Air fryers are the next big kitchen appliance and designed for good reason: they make crispy food that tastes just as good as the fried stuff without using too much oils. As more and more people start to get in touch with this popular cookware invention, it is better for you to figure out from […]