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Breville Air Fryer vs Philips

Air Fryers are trendy kitchen appliances that are also beneficial for your health. They are going to reduce the usage of frying oil when you have to cook some types of foods like fried or roasted dishes. The choice is abundant out there based on which seems to match you best such as Breville Air Fryer Vs Philips. These air fryers are easy to use and versatile but are not the same and before deciding to choose one, let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are Air Fryers and How They Work
  • What are Breville Air Fryer and Philips
  • How are the Design of Breville Air Fryer and Philips
  • How are the Cooking Menu in Breville Air Fryer and Philips
  • How are the Timer and Temperature in Breville Air Fryer and Philips
  • How are the Experience with Breville Air Fryer and Philips
  • Breville Air Fryer Vs Philips

Air Fryers

We all love to eat delicious foods but not all of us are going to spend the time cooking. There are plenty of dishes we can make at home based on what you want to eat or what menu you like the most but, in order to achieve a better wellbeing, it is wise to also think about their nutritional value. Not all delicious foods are going to be healthy or wise to be consumed as often. One of them is fried foods because they tend to be high in calories.

In order to let people enjoy their fried foods but without having to deep fry them all the time, air fryers are invented and offered to the masses. This appliance may sound revolutionary but the mechanism is based on the convection oven so if you have one at home, it is probably wise to just use them to perform the same task, moreover if you cook at larger batches as well. But, if you don’t have it already, getting one can be a great decision.

As the name suggests, this appliance is cooking the food through hot air which is circulated inside the chamber and to increase the temperature, there is a heating element too; the same to your oven. The difference besides physical shape is that the heating element and fan are located at the top or the ceiling of this air fryer while usually you can find an oven with top or bottom heating element combined with a fan located at the sidewall or on its left wall.

The way they cook will be very much the same when temperature is increased using the heating element then the air is circulated around the food to cook and crisp the skin or outer. While some of the hot air can flow on the bottom of our cooking tray, they are not going to be evenly browned like those exposed directly to the surface. This is why we have to flip or rotate the ingredients to cook them evenly and to get the best results.

There is no fixed rule that only allows certain appliances to be called as air fryers since as long as there is a heating element and fan, they can be called as an air fryer. They need to be small enough to fit on your kitchen top so they will have a very compact form as well. What you will have to pay attention to when buying an air fryer is their capacity because they tend to be very small and you may not be able to fit some ingredients inside or cook for a lot of people.

 Breville Air FryerPhilips
Product Dimensions20 x 15 x 11 inches
15.4 x 15.4 x 14.9 inches
Shipping Weight1 pounds
15 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Breville Air Fryer and Philips

There are plenty to choose from based on which seems to fit you the most since many of known brands are also carrying their own air fryers today. In general there are two styles of air fryer; one is the compact and shaped like an egg or boxy appliance while the other one is the toaster style air fryer that looks like a mini oven or microwave that we can insert a baking tray inside. The choice is all yours because not all of us will have the same preference too.

What your kitchen needs can be different from other people but it is faster to shop based on your cooking habit or the amount of people in the house. Breville and Philips are both well-known names in the market that we all know to offer dependable products including for the kitchen appliance. Their air fryers are also amazing options if you are often making finger foods and typical food that are cooked in the oven or deep fryer, as long as they are not made with wet batter.

What’s so different is that Philips is known for their compact air fryer while Breville chose to make air fryers that can be used to cook more food and act like regular ovens. The models we are comparing today are the BOV60 and the HD9220 from the respective brands so other variants may have different features or capacities. In comparison, they are between capacity and size so if you are looking for the one to cook a lot, the Breville is better.

On the other hand, the Philips is a perfect choice for those who are cooking for themselves or living alone and with a partner since the capacity is quite smaller. They can be used conveniently as you cook finger foods or chicken wings and fried shrimp without having to take out the frying pan. Both are very convenient but if you are the type who cooks lots of dishes and types of cooking methods, we do think Breville will be the better option. Read also: Emeril Air Fryer Vs Breville.

Breville Air Fryer and Philips Design

Before checking what these air fryers can offer, let’s see the unit first and even from the outside we can already know that Philips has a narrower product dimension at 287 mm x 315 mm x 384 mm and a small capacity of 2.75 quarts or 1.8 pounds which is why it is great for one of two servings. Its housing is made of plastic and a drawback is they can show fingerprints or oils when dirty so if you prefer the cleaner look, we highly recommend getting the white variant.

On the other hand, the Breville has a wider dimension just like your oven but is more compact. The outer dimension of this air fryer is 480 mm x 400 mm 270.8 mm from the outside with a cooking capacity of 22 liters or about 6 slices of toaster and 30 cm whole pizza. Its housing is made of brushed stainless steel but if you prefer other shades, this air fryer oven is also available in glossy black, white, as well as light grey.

Breville Air Fryer and Philips Menu

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Breville Air Fryer and Philips air fryer can offer, starting from the cooking menu itself. Usually ovens or air fryers will have several built-in menus in their housing but not with this Philips analog air fryer because it only offers the timer and temperature settings; you can find the digital variant however that may offer this function on the other models. As for the Breville, this air fryer has toast, bagel, pizza, and cookies cooking mode.

Breville Air Fryer and Philips Timer and Temperature

Next we want to talk about the cooking ability of these air fryers but as it has been mentioned above, the Breville comes with a wider cooking preset not just the menu and not just the air frying mode. In addition to the menus above, this appliance can slow cook, baking, roasting, broiling, reheating, and warming. On the other hand, the Philips comes with one cooking setting and this is the air fry only which means the heating element always uses the fan unlike several settings on Breville.

As for the timer and temperature, this is also important because it tells you what we can cook with the appliance. For example the temperature range of Philips is only up to 390 degree Fahrenheit while the cooking time is limited to only up to 30 seconds. But, in Breville depending on what cooking mode you have chosen before, the temperature and timer can vary. For example the Broil mode can go as high as 500 degrees and the longest cooking time we can do in this mode is 20 minutes. If we choose another mode, we can cook for up to 4 hours with the air fryer.

Breville Air Fryer and Philips Experience

Lastly for the experience, we do think they are equally useful but probably for different people. Since the Philips air fryer is simpler, it is also faster to adjust compared to Breville but, the toaster styled air fryer is more versatile if you are cooking lots of food. For example we can’t fit an actual whole chicken inside Philips cooking tray but you can place one in Breville’s tray. Additionally, we can make more cupcakes with this air fryer and bake a whole pizza too with the appliance.

Breville Air Fryer vs Philips

Both of them are very useful depending on what type of cooking you are often making. The Philips is faster to cook with as it is meant for smaller ingredients as well like French fries or wings and nuggets while on the other hand Breville is almost offering a full-size oven’s capabilities along with its extensive cooking menu and modes. Breville is also cooking longer and at a higher temperature compared to Philips.

- The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer with Element iQ System delivers top performance and versatility allowing you to air fry and choose from 11 cooking functions; Use super convection to reduce cooking time by up to 30% and deliver crispy air fried foods
- ELEMENT iQ SYSTEM: Using 5 independent quartz elements, smart algorithms steer power to where and when it's needed to create the ideal cooking environment; Sensing and digital PID temperature control eliminates cold spots for precise and even cooking
- DEDICATED AIR FRY SETTING: The Smart Oven Air Fryer can turn out guilt free French fries, chicken wings and so much more; Higher temperatures combined with super convection (maximized air flow) deliver delicious, crispy golden air fried foods
- SUPER CONVECTION TECHNOLOGY: Convection can reduce cooking time by up to 30%; It speeds the cooking process by raising the hotter air and sinking colder less dense air for quicker heating
- Fries, bakes, grills and roasts food using a tablespoon or less of oil
- Set the cooking time and temperature
- Shuts off automatically and alerts you when food is ready
- Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


Depending on which seems to fit you the most, our choice may vary and among these options, we recommend Breville if your type of cooking often involves larger ingredients like whole pizza and chicken but if this air fryer is only used for finger foods, then we recommend Philips.

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